Homeward bound

The next morning, I put the pedal to the metal and headed east.  My desire was to be home in the periwinkle palace, in the garden, with my paints and cat Rhoadie….and near/with Christopher.  We have a trip to Cape Cod planned for next week and I wanted time to reconnect with this world before then.

So two days of driving were aided greatly by an audio book recommendation by Karen.  The book is CIRCE by Madeline Miller.  I LOVED it.

I gave myself a break at the Cleveland Art Museum.


Once again, I stumbled across Matisse:




And check out this Monet…..new to me….I think of him as only water lillies…there’s a little story that he painted two figures flanking the inside of the window only to replace them with a woman walking by and glancing in, while wearing a bright red kerchief.  Such a different moment caught and a different painting.


And Ken told me about John Sloan of the Ashcan School, an artistic movement in the early twentieth century by American painters who wanted to truthfully portray life in urban society rather than genteel society.


Finally, I got to see the drawings of Kerry James Marshall in a special exhibit.  Beautiful.


I slept near Grove City, PA that night.  The next morning, I took Route 80 across Pennsylvania.  The mountains caught the low lying clouds.


45 minutes from Elkins Park, my final destination, traffic stopped on the turnpike. A multi-car accident ahead.   For two hours, I was parked.   I got out and chatted with the newspaper journalist one car over.  I saw a guy practicing his golf stroke in the adjacent field.


Finally, we got moving again and I made it back to the Periwinkle Palace:


To my feline, Rhoadie Grace:


Thank you all for traveling with me these 5,123 miles.  What a joy this has been.  What art I have witnessed.  What space and light and conversations and love I have rolled around in.

I wonder what will come of it all.  I guess that will be revealed.



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