I spent two and a half days in the Chicago area. I am having a little difficulty describing the fullness of my time there for I had plenty of time to catch up on this blog, drink coffee from Leah’s swedish press, and even do a load of laundry.  In other words, I had plenty of time to not rush off to the next state.

I have three dear friends and who they each are, where they’ve been, the currents of their lives linger with me now.  Those visits were dearly important and full.

In Chicago proper, I went to two museums: the Art Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art.


(above photo by Elena) At MCA, there was an entire floor dedicated to art and the internet.  I had my first experience with virtual reality—WOW.  Immersive.  So much to look at all around me.  I had to remind myself that it was all virtual, the creatures coming at me couldn’t hurt me.


And of course, contemporary art makes you think:

On the left it says–I am only describing language, not explaining anything.  Helpful statement for me as a playwright.

At the Art Institute, I viewed a lot of paintings by Matisse, who I am partial to.  I love his use of pattern.  There is also a joyful playfulness in much of his work.  I have seen many images on-line or in books of his work, but to stumble on it in person is so satisfying.  Paintings aren’t photographs.  There is a power and energy in the pigment that comes off in the room.  I experience this with Rothko’s work especially.  Anyway, here are some Matisse.

Some work by Kandinsky surprised me.  I think of his work as much more abstract than this. I love his looseness with color and the undulating shape of the landscape.


And of course, I had to see Nighthawks by Hopper.  The horizontal lines, the light, the color choices, the austereness…..a few people together in a lonely world.


So my second day in Chicago land consisted of SEVEN AND A HALF MILES OF FOOTFALLS through two museums, lunch with Elena, Chicago’s loop and golden mile, a visit with Alex at his workplace, a street fair in Oak Park and finally Leah’s apartment there.  An abundant day.



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