THREE DAYS in Colorado Springs part one…

Colorado Springs means family, my dear friend Ruth and glorious walks.  One walk I always take is in Cheyenne Canyon to “THE ROCK THAT IS HIGHER THAN I.”  I have come to this mighty outcrop to pray many times over the years, especially when those I love were ill and dying.  I literally lay my hands on the stone in the cave here and take a few moments to breathe, listen, and lay out my supplications. There is a natural occurring face in this rock which can’t be seen well at this angle.


I also usually hike in the Stratton Open Space.  I got to do this at sunrise one morning.  I saw deer and dog walkers.  And of course, the sun.

Another hike in the open space had me under dramatic and moody skies.  I love love love this area for its vistas of sky and mountains.

I had some glorious time with friends and family in the Springs. My cousin Judy lives in Minnesota and coincidentally, just happened to be on a vacation in Colorado with her husband Art.   It’s been years since I’ve seen her.  Here she is with my brother Ken, my Dad and myself.


There are upcoming  life shifts occurring in the lives of those I love out here.  I was grateful to learn and discuss how these may play out.  These conversations happened in a kitchen, on a back deck, a front porch and often over a delicious meal.  It’s very different than in a phone call.  I loved the opportunity of being in real time and space at this particular time on their journeys.

I also got to paint.  I’ve never used gouache before and so I tried it out usually with my morning coffee.


Brother Ken and I got to spend the fourth of July with my Dad at a barbecue.  Then we headed out of town to Santa Fe.


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