Santa Fe

Ken and I spent three days in Santa Fe.  We ate great Mexican and Salvadoran food.  We perused the main art museum near the plaza and saw some O’Keefe and Marsden to name a few.

We visited the Encaustic Museum which blew our minds.  Just think painting with a blow torch.  We walked Canyon Row and browsed gallery after gallery to view the commercial contemporary art scene.  We visited bookstores.  Mostly we talked about life and art-painting,photography and theater-and spent our time watching the skies.  Ken had chosen to rent an apartment in a home in the hills outside of Santa Fe.


The view was unbelievable and when storms came through, even better.





I documented a 24 hour cycle through a bouquet of flowers I picked on a morning walk.

And speaking of those morning walks….I got to explore a few miles of that scrub bush and cactus terrain each morning.



I’d walk dry river beds and be amazed at the few flowers that tenaciously took root.  I love this kind of vegetation.  It’s such austere beauty.





Santa Fe, thank you.  Until next time.



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