On an early walk in the Giant City State Park, I noticed that the storm had knocked down many branches but not these spiders’ webs.

I also found this amazing stick bug as I packed the car.  I couldn’t get enough of his angular shape caught up in the reflections of the trees.


I decided that today I was heading to Springfield, Missouri.  I let google maps direct me in the most efficient way until appetite and word-of-mouth directed me elsewhere.  My first stop was for breakfast in Dexter, MO.



Through YELP, I got myself to the Corner Stop Cafe in town to take-out their well-reputed chicken salad sandwich.  A great conversation ensued with a woman who worked there, possibly managed the place. She and another patron recommended I see the Big Spring near Van Buren, part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.  So sure, why not? I drove there and Ok, the photos I am posting here were not filtered in anyway.  The water truly was these outstanding shades of greens and blues because they are churned out with great force from a limestone bluff..  This is one of the biggest springs in the world.


A ranger there recommended I head up to Alley Springs and well, sure-why not? I did and , well, that will be the next blog post……



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