The full circle

I started this six week journey in Copenhagen and ended it there.  I walked down the shopping streets and stared at all the beautiful people.  The tall blonde danes were everywhere, striding in their pencil jeans and cropped jackets.

In my wandering down side streets, I became enamored with the city’s charm as evidenced through the colors of the buildings, the windows, the bicycles at rest.


I visited the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, a museum that specialized in sculpture.  The sculptures moved me deeply.  They were set in royal blue chambers in a very free fashion, almost as if they milled about each night after the doors were locked and froze where ever they happened to be the next morning.


The Oldest of the Line by Stephan Sinding.


A Woman carries her slain son from the battlefield by Stephan Sinding.


Death and the Maiden by Elna Borch.


Negress by Jean=Baptiste Carpeaux


Perseus slaying Medusa by Laurent-Honore Marqueste.


The Meadow and the Brook by Paul Larche


The Kiss by Rodin.


Occasionally I would turn my head and at the architecture itself would be the frame in this wonderful museum.


After the Glypotek visit, I went to meet my friend Shannon Hessel who lives in Copenhagen.  We took a canal ride together and saw the city by water.



After the boat tour, we dined in an outdoor cafe and watched Copenhagen ride by.  What a terrific last day with a good friend.


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