This just in…

I just received this email from Clas Karlsson of the Jonkoping Library.

“We met at the library last Friday and I promised to get back to you about the building where Lars Peter Johansson had his store. I have asked a friend of mine who has great knowledge about the history of Jönköping and we think the house in your picture is the one called “Amerikahuset” which was situated at the eastern part of “Östra torget”. The square still exists today and is located only about 150 meters from the city library. The name “Amerikahuset” is said to derive from a man who emigrated to America and returned to Jönköping and built this house. But I think this story is a little bit uncertain. I have attached a file containing a photo of Östra Torget and Amerikahuset.”


Here is the postcard I have from 1911 with Lars Peter Johansson’s shop in the corner.


I think Lars went to America and came back to Sweden but I have to do further research on that.  Is he the one who built this building or did he just lease the space later?  But I’m a step closer to uncovering the Johansson line that lives now in Sweden.

I’m at a hotel at Arlanda airport.  I  head to Hamburg early in the morning.  Goodbye lovely Sweden.  I feel I will see you again.



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