Filipsdal or bust.

Nobody is in this B&B, which means I have this house, and I believe this morning, I had this farm to myself.

So I spent this morning working on the second draft of my play. The deadline is June 1st.  I had no trouble finding a space to inspire.

Then I was off to find traces of our ancestors. Here’s a map to help you see where I’ve been exploring.

Store Flinterup is where I’m staying.

Svallerup is just to the left of that. The Pedersens were participants of Svallerup Kirke.

A short distance south of Svallerup, about three kilometers, is Bjerge. Many of our Pedersens were born in Bjerre Mark, which means Bjerre field.

Now keep going on that same highway  another kilometer or two and you will see just above the thick red line, Filipsdal. This is the name of the farm the Pedersen’s worked and lived on.

At the bottom of the map image is Helsinge Kirke, this is where my great great grandmother Ane Dorothea Larsdatter and her parents came from.

I started today’s roaming there. I found no ancestral graves but I did find a lovely historic church dating back to the 1600’s. I charge my father with the task of looking up the history of this church in his free time.


After Helsinge Kirke, I lunched in kalundborg.

Then a quick return trip to Svallerup Kirke.

And then a short drive to the sea.

But I’m forgetting my discovery of Filipsdal. Well that’s for the next post.


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